• Attending Physician Statement (PDF - 183KB)
  • Authorization to Use or Disclose Health Information (PDF - 66KB)
  • Brothers and Sisters:

    Attached is a fax copy of UP Authorization to use or Disclose Health
    Information Form.  The first copy is a "clean" copy and the second copy
    is one that has several lines drawn through the information BEFORE IT IS

    You should instruct every member BEFORE signing this form they should
    cross out the words as so indicated on the second copy.

    This information was received from designated legal council and is
    extremely important.


  • Discipline Alert (PDF - 85KB)
  • Discipline Alert 2 (PDF - 119KB)
  • Discipline Alert 4 Trackside Detectors (PDF - 123KB)
  • FMLA 2009 Revision (PDF - 680KB)
  • FMLA Certification of Health Care Providers (PDF - 118KB)
  • FMLA Law Suit (PDF - 704KB)
  • FMLA Law Suit Ruling (PDF - 407KB)
  • FMLA Notice of Eligibility and Rights & Responsibilities (PDF-65KB)
  • Information On Teamster Disaster Relief (PDF - 109KB)
  • Medical Disclosure Authorization (PDF - 131KB)
  • National Negotiations Information (PDF - 625KB)
  • Proof of Disability Form (PDF - 892KB)
  • Remote Control Power Point Presentation (PPT - 1.7MB)
  • Sickness Benefits for Railroad Employees (PDF - 130KB)
  • Short Term Disability (PDF - 60KB)
  • Unattended Equipment Safety Advisory (PDF - 113KB)